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In PCs, a printer driver or a print processor is a bit of programming on a PC that changes over the information to be printed to an organization that a printer can get it. The reason for printer drivers is to enable applications to do printing without monitoring the specialized subtleties of every printer model.

Printer drivers ought not be mistaken for print spoolers, that line print employments and send them progressively to a printer. The first AmigaOS up to 1.3 upheld printers through a standard arrangement of drivers put away at the required way "DEVS:Printers". All printer drivers were put away in that catalog, and canvassed the standard printers in 1985-1989 around, included Epson FX standard driver, Xerox 4020, HP, etcetera.

Any Amiga printer driver needed to convey however the standard Amiga printer.device (the default standard equipment gadget of Amiga managing printers), and the standard parallel.device (which controlled parallel port) and the driver would then control the printer all alone.

Amiga printer drivers were an advancement for their time. They saved clients from exclusively arranging every one of their applications. They had the capacity to print up to 4096 hues.

Using the Printer Preferences program printers could be associated with the sequential port also.

Amiga likewise had help for a virtual gadget "PRT:" to allude to printer.device along these lines, for instance the order "Duplicate record TO PRT:" made the document be printed straightforwardly bypassing parallel.device and the default printer driver. Amiga utilized ANSI escape codes, not the exceptional ones characterized by the different printer makers. Along these lines each application on the Amiga could utilize a similar standard arrangement of control successions and wouldn't have to know which printer is really associated. The printer driver at that point made an interpretation of these standard groupings into the unique arrangements a specific printer gets it.

Amiga inner capacity "PWrite" of printer.device composes 'length' bytes straightforwardly to the printer. This capacity is for the most part approached by printer drivers to send their buffer(s) to the printer. Number of cushions are chosen by the people who made the driver. Amiga came up short on a standard Printer Spooler.

Since AmigaOS 2.0 a standard printer.device was changed to control different printers at same time. The Printer inclinations were separated in three principle boards: Prefs:Printer which chooses fundamental printer and other essential components, for example, "Print Spacing" and "Paper Size". PrinterGFX controlled highlights like Dithering and Scaling. PrinterPS controlled Postscript Printers. The printer drivers shockingly remained practically same of Workbench 1.3, with 4096 cutoff points.

This reality drove Amiga clients to incline toward outsider Printer Systems with their own drivers, as TurboPrint and PrintStudio, which presented late drivers, yet in addition highlighted a working Printer Spooler into Amiga, and included 16 millions hues printing. MorphOS utilizes an extraordinary adaptation of TurboPrint to steer ongoing printers.

Numerous Amiga programs like DTP programs as PageStream included in the past its very own printer drivers.

USB printers are naturally perceived by the Poseidon USB Stack. This stack is fit for recognizing any USB gadget by its group, however printers still require a driver to be controlled.

Notwithstanding being introduce capable on a PC, drivers could likewise be available in the implanted firmware of printers and made accessible through a systems administration convention (for example IPP). The implanted firmware of a printer could in this manner dispose of the need to introduce any driver on a PC, by tolerating print information in a broadly useful configuration (for example PDF) by means of a systems administration convention. In spite of certain endeavors to institutionalize different phases of the printing pipeline, printer interfaces are to a great extent still restrictive and producer explicit. Consequently, nature of capacities performed by drivers can change. In any case, in view of the capacity performed, drivers can be delegated pursues.

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