Canon ScanFront 400 Software Drivers

Canon ScanFront 400 Software Drivers Download
Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 Software Download
imageFORMULA ScanFront 400

Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 Software Drivers Download

DOWNLOAD → ScanFront 400 System Software v: 2.0.1610.0601 | Supporting Documents

DOWNLOAD → ScanFront 400 Administration Tool v: 1.2 | Supporting Documents


Canon ScanFront 400 Software Download and Review

The Canon imageFormula ScanFront 400 ($ 1,995) is similar in velocity and obligation cycle to numerous a lot less costly paper scanning devices, featuring the Editors' Option Epson Staff DS-860$ 780.81 at Amazon. Unlike many, nonetheless, this is actually a "on-line" scanner that has no USB slot for attaching directly to a solitary PC, though it does possess 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals, like a computer mouse, computer keyboard, as well as thumb drive. This appears like other models in the ScanFront family, along with a control panel including a touch monitor that works as an interface to a full-blown tablet-like system software. And also, like a few other Canon document scanners we've evaluated, this saves to graphic PDF as well as searchable PDF styles quicker compared to most competitions.

Canon ScanFront 400 Software Drivers - Words ScanFront within this scanner's title describes the tablet-like user interface pointed out previously, which is actually accessed via the 10.1-inch touch monitor on the unit's face. The house display screen includes 6 destination icons (Email, , Facsimile, Shared directory, USB moment, as well as Printer) that occupy a lot of the appropriate side from the screen. A list from management activities as well as navigation alternatives, including Supervisor Setup, Individual Settings, as well as Residence, dwells left wing. The possibilities accessible off this management are actually extensive enough to be somewhat made complex. You may generate task (or even profile page) switches for every individual that make using the ScanFront 400 reasonably basic. The ScanFront 400 assists each administrative (social) and also individual (private) personal digital assistant for preconfigured one-touch scans with simultaneous several destinations, and also you may laid out each consumer's privileges separately-- all of from the control panel. Various other safety components consist of PDF encryption, SSL (HTTPS) communications over the network and the Internet, as well as audit path logging for surveillance task.

Canon ScanFront 400 Setup and Program
Create is actually complicated enough to call for some know-how of computer system identifying and road events, in addition to some media savvy typically. The ScanFront 400 features a heavy hard-copy guide, yet however it deals with a more mature version of the OS in comparison to the one put up on the assessment system I acquired. 

That left me browsing the user interface for the network environments up until I found an upgraded version from the guide on the packed Compact Disc. As soon as I came to the correct place, getting into the lot title, pathway, username, and also security password was straightforward good enough. Yet after numerous tries, the ScanFront management program I put in on the testbed Personal Computer still could not attach to the scanning device, which left a single choice-- to contact technology support.

An expert responded to today, yet he didn't seem to be aware of the ScanFront 400's Operating System. He left me on hold while he contacted colleagues. After a long time, the specialist went back as well as showed me how you can activate a crucial setting-- Allow remote control function-- installed a couple of levels deep in the user interface (UI). When I asked why this choice was actually turned off by nonpayment, he commented that this was for safety. That's great, but the measure from activating distant get access to was actually certainly not mentioned in the setup technique described in either the old or even brand new manual. Regardless, the testbed PC can at last link to the scanner, permitting me to access it over the Ethernet connect with Canon's ScanFront Administrative Device for the SF400, the only program that possesses this scanner.

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